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When Horror met Metal: Early 2000s Slasher Zombie Horror!

When Horror met Metal: a Hermanos of Horror pairing series.

Part two of our horror pairings list, where music meets massacre in the sweetest symphony of destruction.

Last time out we were pairing a playlist with films associated with the Satanic Panic and if that's the thing tickling your fancy, you can go back to it here

Today's pairing is a style, call it a sub-genre, of horror that is dear to my blackened heart, much like the music that has been paired with it....the early 2000's slasher zombie horror.

You may be saying to yourself, surely you can't mean slasher zombie...that's basically only one film series...and you'd be right...sort of..

But don't worry, this pairing isn't just the Resident Evil soundtracks with the Resident Evil films (Ed: thank Christ), it's not even solely zombies. Sometimes there are vampires and sometimes there are aliens but there is always a loud aggressive soundtrack to shedding of copious amounts of blood.

This is a pairing of high octane horror films, films that are often criticized for being overly simplistic and formulaic, with music that is often criticized for being overly simplistic...and formulaic. Hermanos of Horror's presents, a musical pairing list for the early noughties slasher zombie horror

Resident Evil (2002): The definitive mix of third wave nu metal and fast moving zombie action. A pairing made in hell.

Underworld (2003): The definitive mix of third wave nu metal and fast moving vampire action. There are those who love Underworld who complain about Resident Evils flaws (Ed: Hi there)....we aim to bring those people into the lig....dark, moody club atmosphere with this pairing.

Valentine (2001): OK, so no vampires, aliens or zombies, but definitely a slasher for the new millennium. David (Angel) Boreanaz and Denise Richards to a bouncing nu metal soundtrack.

Cherry Falls (2000): I saw this at the cinema (Matt), I swear it was marketed as a horror at the cinema and a comedy on DVD release. A film about killing virgins and one group of teenagers plan to thwart the mysterious killer.

The Faculty (1998): I realise this one is a stretch for early 2000s slasher horror...but much like without Faith No More you don't have Nu Metal, without The Faculty you don't have all the other fun in this like...

Eight Legged Freaks (2002): To those who coloured their hair red when Hybrid Theory came out and thought Arachnophobia was too serious...this is the pairing for you

Jason X (2001): We're going to do a pod on this. It's brilliantly ridiculous, like all of these films.

Thirteen Ghosts (2001): Who owns a house like this?

Queen of the Damned (2002): Technically a sequel to Interview with a Vampire. Not for fans of Interview with a Vampire, definitely for fans of Korn.

Book of Shadows: Blair witch 2 (2000): Much maligned sequel to The Blair Witch that I can see not appealing to any fans of the original Blair Witch but instead appealing to fans of the rest of this list..

Final Destination (2000): Sublime, Ridiculous, at the same time. If you're of a certain age you've seen this and listening to this playlist is going to make you want to watch it again. If you've not, start from this one in the series...but not before a flight.

Again these aren't songs that feature in soundtracks to these films (alright, some are because quite frankly that Oasis track is never making it if it wasn't for the end of The Faculty) they are a pairing, a playlist, a mix, that we hope you will find compliments the flavour of these films and this sub-genre of horror and either gives you the extra portion when you're in the mood or maybe an aperitif at the beginning of a good horror session

Honourable mentions if you just want more of this: Gothika (I mean Limb Bizkit covering Behind Blue Eyes is the lead track from this film), Ginger Snaps (an absolute classic), Ghost Ship (You'll be scared..shipless), Doom (I damn well like it...but the game Doom3D was scarier (Ed: I weirdly like Doom, I know I shouldn't, but I really do!)).

And this concludes our second pairing session. We hope you have binged on this super-sized mega-deluxe meal of horror, metal and everything that was wonderfully ridiculous about the early noughties. We will return with further pairings, a little more refined and lot less over the top.


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