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Worst Horror Film Ever?

Troll 2 which we discussed in our last podcast was the subject of a documentary called Best Worst Movie. In the pod Nick said he still felt Birdemic was a worse horror film than Troll 2. I still haven't seen Birdemic but I went back over our previous pods to see which we had given our lowest rating to. It wasn't Troll 2 which managed a respectable 4.25/10 (and Nick summarized as "total football"). Over ten episodes we have rated three films lower than Troll 2:

Last House on the Left (1972)- an act of sacrilege to a lot of horror fans, we rated Wes Craven's debut feature and notorious video nasty 4/10.

Last House on the Left (remake)- the remake of our third lowest rated film had some really strong performances, but the script and direction was on the nose and it didn't do anything to earn a higher score than the original so we gave it 3.5/10

And the lowest rated film we've looked at (so far) is...

Nosferatu (the Vampyre)- Werner Herzog's film has been celebrated by more knowledgeable people than us (Roger Ebert for one), but it doesn't do it for me and only managed 3/10 (however Nick summarized it with a "highly recommend" so it wasn't all bad for Nosferatu).

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